CenTex Aerospace, Inc. announces it has received FAA approval of the Halo 250 increased gross weight conversion for King Air 250s equipped with the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion flight deck.  The Pro Line Fusion avionics system is now standard equipment on new production King Air 250s, and is available as an upgrade to earlier model King Airs.  CenTex has been working closely with Beechcraft engineering and production to ensure a seamless transition with this latest enhancement to the King Air product line.  Halo 250 kits are already scheduled for installation on Fusion equipped King Air 250s, including one in the cargo configuration.

Also included in the Halo 250 supplement is takeoff and landing data up to 14,000 feet to allow operations into high elevation airports.  This greatly enhances the Halo 250 capabilities for operators who frequently fly out of mountainous region airports, and is now standard with Halo 250 on King Air 250s.

The Halo 250 conversion, which Textron Beechcraft is offering as the Enhanced Payload Option on new King Air 250s, increases payload capacity by moving the airplane into commuter category and increases the MTOW to 13,420 pounds.  Also, it adds safety features found only on commuter and transport category airplanes.  The new safety features include improved stall warning in icing conditions, aural over-speed and elevator out-of-trim warnings, engine fire extinguisher capability, and emergency lighting in the cabin.

Numerous training options are available.  Textron’s Tru Simulation + Training is in the process of adding to their curriculum the BE-200 type rating with Halo 250 / Enhanced Payload safety systems and performance data, and their King Air 250 simulator is configured with the Fusion flight deck.  Flight Safety International now offers FAA approved training for the BE-200 type rating in their Proline 21 equipped simulators.  The course includes Halo 250 safety systems and performance data.  Fly Right, Inc, who has been providing training for the BE-200 type for many years, added the commuter takeoff profile to their simulator and now includes in their course the Halo 250 safety systems and performance data.

The popularity of the Halo 250 conversion continues to grow due in part to support from Textron Beechcraft, the globally recognized training providers, our international dealer network, and the many satisfied customers operating around the globe.  CenTex Aerospace is an engineering-based company dedicated to producing utility enhancing products and providing industry leading customer service.  With innovations such as the Halo 250 IGW conversion, Halo 90 IGW conversion, Saddle Tanks, affordable engine upgrades for King Air 90s, and replacement engine control cables for King Airs, Barons, and Bonanzas, CenTex Aerospace is “Making Aviation Better!”  Please contact CenTex Aerospace by phone (Tel 254-752-4290) or on the web (www.centex.aero) for more information.