Ken Edmondson, Vice President, Flight Operations, Business Air

“Regarding the HALO 250 conversion; we love it! The extended gross operating weight allows for true versatility in King Air style. The performance data is right on and allows for detailed and accurate flight planning. The checklist is user-friendly and laid out in a logical sequence. Thanks for a great airplane!”

Special Missions Operators

“The tanks are awesome. Really an amazing increase in versatility with our aircraft.”

“The Saddle Tanks are fantastic. A long six hours, but much better than adding a fuel stop.”

“The system so far has been flawless and a great addition. We love the flexibility it allows us.”

“Tanks are working well.”

“The CenTex Saddle Tank system allows us the operational flexibility required.”

“The increased time on station allows us to more efficiently serve our customer.”

Mike McGraw, Chairman and Founder, Data Systems International, Inc.

The Saddle Tanks were installed on my B350 just prior to a three week flight that began with a North Atlantic crossing. We started in Canada and flew to destinations in Greenland, Iceland, Norway, France, Gibraltar, Morocco, Spain, England, and Scotland. This was a great adventure in a King Air, and the ability to carry extra fuel was a tremendous benefit for this journey.

For my business flights, the Saddle Tanks Plus will allow non-stop flights to west coast destinations with NBAA reserves using Boeing wind data. This eliminates a fuel stop, which saves time and lowers cost. In addition to the reduction in flight time, we are able to experience the added benefit of more comfort and less disruption for the passengers. The increased cargo capacity in the Saddle Tanks Plus provides the added convenience to carry several standard carry-on bags, or engine & propeller covers and plugs outside the cabin.

Extra fuel plus outside storage makes the Saddle Tanks Plus an outstanding addition to my airplane. For any King Air owners and operators that need these capabilities, I would highly recommend contacting CenTex Aerospace to schedule the Saddle Tank conversion for your aircraft.

Dylan Fast, CEO of Fast Air, Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

“We have installed the CenTex HALO 250 conversion on five of our aircraft for charter and Medevac operations. The increased gross weight capability is a tremendous advantage for these aircraft, as it allows us to dispatch with additional personnel, equipment, and/or fuel.”

Rick Wysowski, Director of Operations of Guardian Flight, South Jordan, Utah

The CenTex Saddle Tank system “will allow Guardian Flight the operational flexibility required to operate to any remote locations thoughout Alaska non-stop to a higher level of medical care.”

Isaac Bagley, Program Director of Dynamic Aviation, Bridgewater, Virginia

“The CenTex Saddle Tanks allow our special mission King Airs to increase their time on station, allowing us to more efficiently serve our customers.”

Kevin Pinger and Carrie Ferguson

We appreciated Greg Barnes and the CenTex crew for easy access and personal attention to detail and their very professional test flights to make sure the aircraft was safe. The FADEC systems were well explained before delivery and the familiarization flight CenTex provided gave me the confidence to fly home without the need for any further instruction.

The FADEC engine was delivered in our opinion on time and exactly to the quoted price… with no surprises. The craftsmanship of the CenTex workers was excellent, friendly, smart, and left “no battle damage” behind. We felt confident our money was safe throughout the purchasing process for both the engine and the installation.

Thanks CenTex.