FLY FARTHER: More fuel, more passengers, more baggage, more cargo, or a combination of these.  Up to 920 lbs more!  This equates to an additional hour and a half of flight time or five more passengers.

FLY FASTER: The conversion provides an increase in the maximum operating Mach number, Mmo. The original Mmo is increased from 0.52 to 0.58 Mach. It allows faster cruise speeds at high altitudes and faster descents. This new feature is a real benefit for airplanes with -52 and -61 engines. *Please note the Mmo is not changed on King Air 200T and B200T series airplanes.

FLY SAFER: Five new safety systems are installed during the conversion. These new safety systems raise the King Air to a new level of safety.

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  • Increased Max Ramp Weight – 13,510 LBS
  • Increased Max Takeoff Weight – 13,420 LBS
  • New Safety Systems:
    • Engine Fire Extinguisher
    • Over-Speed Warning
    • Elevator Out-of-Trim Warning
    • Emergency Cabin Lighting
    • Ice Mode for Stall Warning
    • Illuminated Escape Path Floor Markings
  • New AFM Supplement Performance Data
  • The STC has two options for flight operations:
    Option 1 – Airplane remains in Normal Category
    Option 2 – Airplane moves into Commuter Category, MTOW increases to 13,420 lbs.


All Models Included – 200 thru B200GT series

Increased Payload Capability – 920 LBS

Allows five more passengers plus baggage with full fuel.

Allows additional 1 hour plus 30 cruise with full cabin load.

Increases Operational Safety

Compatible with Rockwell Collins Proline 21 avionics.

Compatible with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41, -42, -52, & -61 engines.

Compatible with Hartzell four and three blade propellers.

Compatible with McCauley five, four, and three blade propellers.

Compatible with popular mods by Raisbeck Engineering, BLR, Blackhawk, and others (see list below).

Normal Category option available if needed.

HALO 250 Fact Information and Compatible Modifications Chart
for the Beechcraft King Air 200 Series



Increase Max Ramp Weight
12,590 to
12,590 to
Increase Max Takeoff Weight
12,500 to
12,500 to
Increase Max Landing Weight
12,500 to
12,500 to
Max Zero Fuel Weight
No Change
No Change
Payload Increase
*Only airplanes with high flotation landing gear, all others 12,500 lbs
Note: HALO 250 STC limits the number of passenger seats to a maximum of nine seats.
This is required as a result of the aircraft having a single emergency exit door.

The following STC-approved modifications have been found to be compatible
with the HALO 250 Commuter category conversion:

Substract $3,000.00 for airplanes with fire extinguishing system
Substract $3,000.00 for airplanes with Pro Line 21 avionics

  1. SA2698NM-S, Raisbeck Hartzell HC-D4N-3A/D9383K Quiet Turbofan Propellers
  2. SA2698NM-S, Raisbeck Hartzell HC-D4N-3A/D9515K Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers
  3. STC SA3366NM, Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System
  4. SA3831NM, Raisbeck Inboard Leading Edges
  5. SA3591NM, Raisbeck Aft Body Strakes
  6. SA4175NM, Raisbeck MLG Doors
  7. SA3857NM, Raisbeck Storage Lockers
  8. SA3683NM, Raisbeck Exhaust Stack Fairings
  9. SA00433AT, Blackhawk Modifications PWC PT6A-42 Engine Conversion
  10. SA10824SC, Blackhawk Modifications PWC PT6A-52 Engine Conversion
  11. SA10737SC, Blackhawk Modifications PWC PT6A-61 Engine Conversion
  12. SA02130SE, BLR Hartzell HC-E4N-3A/NC9208K propellers
  13. SA01615SE, BLR Winglets
  14. SA2451CE, Commuter Air Technology Super 60 (Cargo) Pod
  15. SA00184LA, Commuter Air Technology Wildness Tires Conversion
  16. SA10842SC, Enhanced Aero PWC PT6A-52 Engine Conversion
  17. SA01535WI-D, Garmin G1000 Avionics (GDC 7400 ADC required)
  18. SA02738CH, L-3 Comm ESI-1000 Standby Instrument
  19. SA1036GL, McCauley 4HFR34C7 (54,55,71)/94LA-0 Propellers
  20. SA01157CH, McCauley 5HFR34C1008/96LTA-0 Propellers
  21. SA890GL and SA757GL, Parker Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
  22. SA02715CH-D, Standard Aero PWC PT6A-52 Engine Conversion
  23. SA2300CE, Avcon industries Aeropak Cargo Pod

King Air 200s (includes parts and components):
HALO 250 STC Kit: $85,000.00
Estimated installation labor hours: 200 hours

Authorized HALO 250 Dealer and Installation Center Network

Below is a list of authorized HALO 250 Dealers and Installation Centers throughout the world.

  • Bromma Air Maintenance
  • Business and Commuter Aircraft
  • Commuter Air Technology
  • Elliott Aviation
  • Fast Air
  • Hawker Beechcraft Services
  • Hawker Pacific
  • Landmark Aviation
  • National Airways Corporation
  • Stevens Aviation

Product, price, specifications, and availability subject to change without notice.