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Waco, Texas – April 10, 2023

CenTex Aerospace announces the availability of the Halo 350 increased gross weight conversion for the Beechcraft King Air 350 and King Air 360.  The Halo 350 conversion increases the maximum takeoff weight limit from 15,000 to 15,950 pounds.  Airplane empty weight is increased only 4 pounds, which equates to an increase in payload or fuel of 946 pounds.  The completion of the project comes after a lengthy, thorough, and exhaustive effort to substantiate the conversion to the applicable FAA regulatory requirements.

Two new safety systems are installed as part of the conversion.  A takeoff warning system alerts the pilot when the pitch trim is not properly set, and a takeoff is initiated.  An “ice mode” is added to the stall warning system that improves the accuracy of a stall warning when ice is present on the wings.  Also, high-strength bolts replace the original main landing gear hinge bolts.  Labor to install the conversion is approximately 20 hours.  An airplane flight manual supplement with a comprehensive set of performance data is provided as well as instructions for continued airworthiness, and installation instructions and drawings.  All of the needed items are included in the Halo 350 kit.

Gregory Barnes, president of CenTex Aerospace, points out the value of the Halo 350 conversion.  Barnes says “the conversion represents a tremendous value for operators who find they are restricted by the 15,000-pound maximum takeoff weight limit and wish to carry additional payload or fuel.  The conversion takes only about 20 labor hours to install, and the price of the kit is quite reasonable.  On top of that, the airplane will be safer to operate thanks to the new safety systems”.  Barnes also wishes to thank his team and to thank the staff at the FAA Aircraft Certification Office in Fort Worth “for their persistent efforts to get the project completed and to do it right”.