FastAir installs their first CenTex Aerospace HALO 250 STC in a Garmin equipped King Air 200

Waco, TX – April 29, 2013 – CenTex Aerospace, Inc. has announced Fast Air has completed their first installation of the CenTex HALO 250 gross weight increase STC in a Garmin G1000 equipped King Air 200.

Fast Air, a Winnipeg based air charter service, began in 1995 with one aircraft and two employees and quickly grew to a diverse aviation business which offers a variety of first class business aviation services.

Operating from a private business-class terminal at the Winnipeg airport, Fast Air’s aviation services include aircraft management, corporate aircraft maintenance programs, aviation consulting, and corporate aircraft charters. Fast Air also operates a MedEvac division which provides 24-hour patient transfers throughout Manitoba from bases in Thompson and Norway House. 

In April of 2013 Fast Air started their first installation of a HALO 250 STC in a G1000 equipped King Air 200, and this is what Dennis Lyons, Director of Maintenance at Fast Air had to say… 

“During the installation of the HALO 250 STC we had a few HALO drawings that did not match our MedEvac configuration. The CenTex HALO team quickly responded and provided on site assistance followed by approved drawings in a matter of days. This level of support and professionalism from CenTex was crucial for the success of this upgrade project and to our MedEvac division.”       

The Halo 250 STC conversion raises the maximum takeoff weight of any 200 series King Air from 12,500 to 13,420 pounds, resulting in a 920 pound increase in payload capacity. It also moves the King Air 200 into commuter category, allowing transport of passengers and cargo without the limitations that accompany restricted category.    

The Halo 250 conversion is compatible with Proline 21 and G1000 avionics and many of the popular King Air 200 modifications, including those offered by Raisbeck Engineering, BLR, Blackhawk, and others.    

To learn more about the Halo 250 conversion and other CenTex products please contact CenTex Aerospace Inc. at             (254) 752-4290