CenTex Aerospace Receives FAA STC-Approval of Their Versatile Saddle Tanks Conversion for the King Air 90 Airplanes.

WACO, TX – July 29, 2013 – CenTex Aerospace, Inc. receives FAA STC-approval of their versatile Saddle Tanks for the 90 King Airs. The FAA issued the STC (SA11142SC) to CenTex Aerospace on July 12, 2013.

The new Saddle Tanks are an excellent addition to the King Air 90 airplanes. These tanks are the largest extended range fuel tanks on the market, adding a total of 180 gallons of usable fuel and extending range as much as 500 miles.

The Saddle Tanks are constructed solely from aircraft grade aluminum and mounted on top of the wing behind each engine nacelle. Fuel flows into the center section wing tank by gravity only. An electronic fuel indicating system is included.

Two tank configurations are available. Tanks can be custom ordered with full fuel, giving you a total of 180 gallons of useable fuel or storage plus fuel, adding 16 cubic feet of storage and 76 gallons of usable fuel. Storage only configuration is not available.

FAA-approval of Saddle Tanks for the King Air 200, 250, 300, and 350 series airplanes is in development.

To learn more about CenTex Saddle Tanks or to place an order, please contact CenTex Aerospace Inc. at (254) 752-4290