CenTex Aerospace, Inc. recently announced that it has received FAA approval of a new addition to the popular Halo series of gross weight increase conversions.  The new Halo 275 conversion for King Air 200 and 250 series airplanes increases the maximum takeoff weight to 14,000 pounds and the maximum landing weight to 13,500 pounds.  Price of the Halo 275 conversion kit is $115,000.00, which includes all of the required components and parts, STC, Maintenance Manual Supplement, and AFM Supplement.  To be eligible for the Halo 275 conversion, the airplane must be equipped with High Flotation landing gear.

Like its predecessor the Halo 250 conversion, the Halo 275 approves an increase in the maximum Mach number from 0.52 to 0.58 Mach for all 200 series King Airs.  Also, it adds five safety systems that increase operational safety and comply with Commuter category requirements.  The new systems add the following safety functions: engine fire extinguishing, aural over-speed warning, elevator trim out-of-range warning, improved stall warning in icing conditions, and emergency lighting in the cabin.

Additionally, CenTex Aerospace announces a 500-pound increase in the maximum zero fuel weight for airplanes equipped with Halo 250 and Halo 275 conversions.  King Air B200’s manufactured in 1993, and after, and King Air B200GT’s, as well as King Air 250’s are eligible.  Contact CenTex Aerospace for details if your airplane is already equipped with the Halo 250 conversion. High Flotation landing gear is not required for this increase in the maximum zero fuel weight.  For more information, contact CenTex Aerospace or one of their authorized dealers, which are listed online at www.centex.aero.