CenTex Aerospace Receives Acceptance from Transport Canada for the Saddle Tank Conversion STC

Waco, TX – April 21, 2015 – CenTex Aerospace, Inc. has announced acceptance by Transport Canada (TCCA) for their Saddle Tank conversion STC.  The Saddle Tank conversion offers a tremendous benefit to Canadian King Air operators, allowing them to operate to remote locations throughout Canada non-stop.

The FAA issued the original STC to CenTex Aerospace on July 12, 2013, approved for Beechcraft 65-A90 series aircraft.  On September 11, 2014, the FAA issued their approval of the amendment to the STC that added the Beechcraft 200, and 300 series airplanes.

The Saddle Tanks are mounted aft of the engine nacelles, and provide an additional 95 gallons per side for a total of 190 gallons, extending range more than 600 NM.  An optional tank configuration, the “Saddle Tanks Plus” offers fuel plus storage.  This configuration provides 60 gallons per side for a total of 120 gallons plus 9 cu ft of storage.

The Saddle Tanks are constructed solely from aircraft grade aluminum.  Simple design provides reliable fuel transfer from Saddle Tanks to wing tanks via gravity flow – no fuel pumps are needed.  Fuel transfer occurs seamlessly without any pilot action required.  Fuel level is displayed on a cockpit indicating system that is included in the conversion.

Also, the CenTex Saddle Tanks can be removed and the aircraft reconfigured very easily to fly without the tanks.  The Saddle Tank STC allows the aircraft to be operated with or without the tanks, enabling operators to make a quick change from one configuration to another.