CenTex Aerospace is now offering an Engine Update Conversion for King Air 90s.

Waco, TX – The KA90 Engine Update Kit is a low cost alternative to improve the performance and increase the value of your King Air 90.  The kit allows the option of installing either a set of PWC PT6A-21, -28, or -34 engines to replace the original PT6A-20 engines.

Listen to what Greg Barnes, President of CenTex Aerospace, Incorporated had to say about this conversion, “The KA90 Engine Update Kit truly is a low cost alternative for King Air 90 owners and operators. It allows the flexibility to choose new, overhauled, or engines with time remaining as replacements. Any of the three engine models will improve takeoff, climb, and cruise performance.  The PT6A-28 or -34 engines are especially strong performers. With this low cost alternative more owners and operators can enjoy the benefits of a performance upgrade.”

The KA90 Engine Update Kit includes STC SA10935SC paperwork, parts, installation instructions and drawings, and an airplane flight manual supplement.  Eligible King Air models are A90, B90, and C90.  Engines must be procured by the installer.  If needed, CenTex Aerospace will assist in locating suitable engines.

For more information call (254) 752-4290