CenTex Aerospace, Incorporated nears completion of its long awaited Halo 250 STC gross weight increase for Beechcraft King Air 200 and B200 series airplanes

Waco, TX – October 3, 2011 – CENTEX AEROSPACE, INC. of Waco, Texas is in the final stage of FAA certification of the long awaited Halo 250 increased gross weight modification for the model 200 and B200 series King Air. FAA approval of the STC is expected by the end of the year with STC kit deliveries to begin soon thereafter.

Greg Barnes, president and CEO of CenTex Aerospace has this to say about the approaching completion of the STC project. “The Halo 250 STC will be a great way to get more from your 200 series King Air. I’ll bet most operators have been frustrated at one time or another by having to leave behind passengers in order to load enough fuel for a trip. The Halo 250 STC will allow you to bring along those passengers and their baggage. Likewise, carrying more than two or three passengers can mean you’ll be tight on fuel or an intermediate fuel stop is required. The Halo 250 STC will allow you to load additional fuel for reserve or to eliminate a fuel stop altogether.”

The Halo 250 STC adds capability by increasing the maximum takeoff weight limit from the current 12,500 pounds to 13,420 pounds. It also changes the aircraft category from normal to commuter category, which enables the takeoff weight to be beyond 12,500 pounds. Operators will be able to safely and legally carry an additional 920 pounds of payload, which equates to four more passengers and their baggage or enough fuel for another 2 hours of cruise at maximum range power. Barnes predicts, “This STC will likely enhance the resale value of your King Air 200 series airplane substantially. We saw this after introducing our Halo 90 gross weight increase STC for the King Air 90 several years ago.”

Other benefits of the Halo 250 STC are improvements in the operational level of safety that new commuter category systems provide. The STC kit includes an engine fire extinguishing system, takeoff trim warning system, over-speed warning system, improved stall warning system, and self-powered, self-activating cabin lighting system for emergency situations. A new Airplane Flight Manual with commuter category performance data is included, as well. The existing limitations on maximum landing weight and zero fuel weight are unchanged. Installation is estimated to take less than 200 man-hours. STC kit costs are projected to be between $60k and $80k with firm pricing to be announced later this year.

King Air 200 and B200 series owners and operators interested in the Halo 250 STC kit are welcome to call CenTex Aerospace Inc. at (254) 752-4290