CenTex Aerospace, Inc. announces it has just completed installation of its Saddle Tank system on a King Air 350.

Waco, Texas, – November 24, 2014 – CenTex Aerospace, Inc. announces it has just completed installation of its Saddle Tank system on a King Air 350.  Guardian Flight, with corporate headquarters in South Jordan, Utah, has taken delivery of their King Air 350 at Waco Regional Airport (KACT), where the Saddle Tank system was installed.  Guardian Flight is the largest air Medevac provider in the state of Alaska, with seven bases statewide.  Rick Wysowski, Director of Operations, says that the Saddle Tank system “will allow Guardian Flight the operational flexibility required to operate to any remote locations throughout Alaska non-stop to a higher level of medical care”. 

CenTex Aerospace recently received FAA approval of an amendment to its Saddle Tank system STC that makes a number of additional King Air models eligible for the conversion.  Now the new system can be installed on the Beechcraft C90 series King Air and the larger Beechcraft 200 series and 300 series King Air twin turboprop airplanes.  Originally approved for the 65-A90-1 or “U-21” King Air, Saddle Tanks provide an additional 180 gallons of fuel for the King Air 90s and 190 gallons for any of the larger King Airs.  An optional “Saddle Tanks Plus” configuration is also offered that features a combination of fuel plus an integral storage bin.  This option represents a first by providing 120 gallons of fuel plus 8 cubic feet of lockable storage.  The president of CenTex Aerospace, Greg Barnes, had this to say about their latest approval.  “The Saddle Tanks make an excellent addition to any King Air, specifically those that fly over long stage lengths or to remote locations.  The tank’s construction and finish are second to none.  This quality plus the simplicity of operation ensure the customer will be satisfied for many years to come.” 

CenTex Aerospace is an engineering-based company staffed with highly experienced engineers and technicians who are dedicated to producing utility enhancing products and providing industry leading customer service.  With innovations such as the Saddle Tanks Plus, Halo 250 IGW conversion, Halo 90 IGW conversion, affordable engine upgrades for King Air 90s, and replacement engine control cables for King Airs, Barons, and Bonanzas, CenTex Aerospace is “Making Aviation Better!”  Please contact CenTex Aerospace by phone (Tel 254-752-4290) or on the web (www.centex.aero) for more information.