CenTex Aerospace HALO 250 performance data soon to be available on Ultra-Nav Aircraft Performance Software.

Waco, TX – November 27, 2013 – CenTex Aerospace’s HALO 250 performance data to be added to Ultra-Nav Aircraft Performance Software, beginning in January 2014.

Since 1990, Ultra-Nav Aviation, Inc. has been providing the aviation industry across the globe with a safety tool that allows an accurate, fast, and easy way to compute takeoff, landing, and weight and balance numbers for any takeoff and landing scenario.  Ultra-Nav Aircraft Performance Software allows quick and accurate computations to be performed; just as you would with a straight edge and pencil but with split second speed and without errors.

Ultra-Nav Aircraft Performance Software will include all HALO 250 AFMS protocols and procedures that dictate exactly how all the charts are to be used together to give a complete and accurate analysis of your aircraft’s performance as a function of ALL permitted combinations of altitude, temperature, runway length winds, runway slope, obstacle, etc.

With the addition of the HALO 250 AFMS performance data, ULTRA-NAV will compute maximum allowable takeoff weight based on ALL limiting factors – field length, climb limitations, brake energy, etc.  ULTRA-NAV Performance Software will then compute and display takeoff distance, all “V speeds”, 2nd segment climb gradient, and other pertinent takeoff parameters dependent on your King Air 200.  Also, for landing data, Ultra-Nav computes and displays all “V” speeds, landing distance, landing field length, approach climb gradient, and, landing climb gradient.

Ultra-Nav can also customize weight and balance to your aircraft’s exact seating configuration.  Software will compute weight, %MAC and C.G. Limits for Zero fuel, Ramp, Takeoff and Landing conditions of your aircraft.
For more information call Ultra-Nav Aviation, Inc. at (806) 744-4771 or CenTex Aerospace, Inc. at (254) 752-4290